The Sustainable Sharon Coalition is a group of individuals working to make Sharon a leading sustainable community.  To this end, we work with neighbors, elected officials, and town staff to promote and implement measures that conserve and sustain our community’s use of natural & other resources in order to take part in the global effort to protect our planet and distribute limited resources fairly.

Our Guiding Principles

  • We strive to protect and repair our planet
  • We seek to inspire, educate and catalyze our community to improve the environment locally, regionally and beyond
  • We are an inclusive organization that encompasses transparency and integrity
  • We work with policymakers to find and implement evidence-based solutions to environmental challenges
To inspire, educate, and catalyze our community so that, together, we can intentionally connect and protect the planet
Solar panels

We help houses in Sharon save electricity and provide a Free Home Thermal Analysis


We are spearheading solutions to help the Town of Sharon reduce its Trash Footprint


We help people conserve water with Water Conservation Program


We create safer walking and biking routes


Volunteers and Internship

Things we accomplished. When we work together we can accomplish anything