Sustainable Sharon Coalition – Arts and Culture Committee is thrilled to collaborate with Sharon Recreation on the “NELKEN-Line.”

The NELKEN-Line is a piece of choreography by the celebrated German choreographer Pina Bausch.  The movement is simple and describes the four seasons with a few simple, repeated gestures.  This is an international dance project happening through the Pina Bausch Foundation.  It brings communities together through movement and showcases local landscapes and cultures while celebrating the seasons and life.  The project is open to all people, all ages, and all abilities and the final product is a short film.  The film will be uploaded to the Pina Bausch website with other films from all over the world.

We are excited to work the Earth Day clean-up, organized by Sharon Recreation, into the choreography!

Check out the NELKEN-Line that my dance company just helped organize in Bethlehem, PA:


Information on the NELKEN-Line and links to the many international films that have
already been uploaded can be found
here: line

Date and Time: 

The Earth Day Clean-up Takes Place from 12-4 on Friday, April 20, 2018.

This project will be incorporated into the day.  Everyone interested in “performing” will meet at 3:30.  We will review the 4 arm gestures from 3:30-4:00 pm.  Filming will take place from 4:00-5:00/5:30ish pm.

Who Participates:

“Everyone is welcome to learn the choreography in this way, to dance it together with other people and to make a video: Professionals and amateurs, experts and curious, old and young people. Together with friends, family, colleagues, in your club
or youth group, your school class or even together with total strangers that come together for this project. Dance can and should happen everywhere: In your living room, your kitchen, garden, office, school, park, on a parking lot, in a forest, on a street or a beach… And if possible all over the globe. Thus, many new versions of the original choreography that differ in the choice of the surroundings, the use of everyday clothes or costumes, as well as the different protagonists and their abilities will spring up. As numerous, colorful and different as humanity itself.”


  •      Everyone must complete a video release form.  This film will be posted on the Pina Bausch website and made available through, Sustainable Sharon Coalition and Sharon Recreation media outlets.  The film will be shown during the Green Day Event on May 5, hosted by Sustainable Sharon Coalition.
  •       There are no other requirements.

Special Note:

  • We are looking for someone with video and editing skillsets to film the work.  Please contact me if you are willing to volunteer your time.
  • If you want to participate, but this time does not work for you, please let me know and we can organize a separate filming. It might be nice to meet at a few other places in Sharon to get a more diverse picture of the landscape.

To participate or to have questions answered, please