The popularity of solar power is growing fast in Massachusetts.  Approximately 25% of Massachusetts’ carbon emissions come from electricity generation.  With solar, you can reduce your carbon emissions from electricity generation to zero! 

Massachusetts’ legally mandated Renewable Portfolio Standard establishes a baseline percentage of renewable (to include solar, wind, hydro, etc.) energy sources as a percentage of total energy sources (to include natural gas, coal and oil) that electricity suppliers like National Grid and Eversource must provide.  In 2020, the renewable energy component is approximately 16%, and that baseline will rise 2% each year through 2029, when the renewable acceleration slows from 2%/year to  1% /year thereafter.  A goal 2020 of 1,600 megawatts of renewable energy has been set.

Both the federal and state government have generous incentive programs to assist you in “going solar”  And – keep in mind that you can lease solar panels with no up-front cost whatsoever. The modest lease payments can be lower than the savings on your electric bills, so you end up paying less for electricity.

Thinking of transitioning to solar?  There are lots of good companies out there! Sustainable Sharon has received local recommendations for three solar companies.

Each of these companies have offered to provide SSC with a bonus if the referral results in an installed solar system. So please mention SSC when you contact these companies. 

Rayah Solar
Office: (617) 564-3159
SSC Referral Bonus: $500

Sunbug Solar
Office:  (617) 500-3738
SSC Referral Bonus: $250

NEC Solar
Office:  781-444-7020
SSC Referral Bonus: $250

For a list of other companies providing solar options in Sharon, MA see Sharon Saves Roof Top Solar

Helpful links:  – comprehensive information for a MA resident going solar.  It also offers up to a $500 discount for customers who go through the site to get their solar panels.

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