Single-Use Plastic


Alternative trashcan liners.  Reuse paper bags, half gallon waxed cartons, plastic bread bags, or plastic overwrap from paper towels etc. (cut on 1 side to make a bag).  Or go without a liner for dry trash.

Plastic wrap and plastic bag alternatives

Use glass containers with plastic lids to store foods.  Alternatively, use wax paper, wax paper sandwich bags (both are compostable), foil (recyclable if clean), and muslin produce bags, and beeswax wraps (both are washable and reusable).  For cut fruits and vegetables, wrap the cut end with a small piece of wax paper, and then cover with a beeswax wrap.  This keeps your beeswax wraps cleaner.

Muslin bags for produce

Use organic muslin bags for buying produce and storing it in refrigerator crisper drawers.
Muslin bags breath, allowing ethylene gas to escape, and thereby discourage rotting.
Spray greens (lettuce, basil, green beans, etc.) with water for humidity and place back into the bag. The moist bag will keep them from wilting and drying out quickly.
Store veggies and fruit with thick skins (ie. cucumbers, zucchini, oranges, apples) in a dry muslin bag.   

Beeswax Wraps – DIY

Materials:  Cotton fabric cut in squares with pinking shears; USDA organic white beeswax pellets (Amazon); old cookie sheet and small paintbrush, coat hanger and 2 clothespins.

1.  Heat oven to 185 F.
2.  Place fabric on cookie sheet, sprinkle with 0.5 – 1 oz beeswax pellets, according to size (8 – 11 inch squares).
3.  Heat 5 min, or until all wax has melted.  Turn upside down and use brush to ensure all areas are coated.
4.  Hang up with clothes hanger/clothespins to cool for 5 min.


*  Buy 30%-45% vinegar in gallon size plastic bottle. Dilute to 5%.
#  Dawn dish detergent comes in plastic bottle, so better to buy the large refill size.

Plastic-Free Personal Care Products

Bar Soap instead of body wash
Shampoo and Conditioner Bars (such as Lush at South Shore Plaza; Sweet and Sassy, JR Liggett and Ethique, Amazon)
Skin moisturizer – Avocado Oil in glass bottles (Trader Joes)
Silk Dental Floss (compostable) in glass container – refills available (Amazon)
Bamboo Toothbrushes (Amazon)

Learn more about about SSC’s efforts to curb the consumption of single-use plastic in the Town of Sharon.