Invest for the Planet

What is Invest for the Planet?

We express our environmental and social values every day through our actions – whether we bring reusable bags when we go shopping to avoid using paper or plastic bags, or by composting our food waste instead of disposing. But what about where and how we choose to invest our money? Do you know what options are available for channeling your investments to align with your values?

IftP will foster an environment to encourage discussion and learning about the many facets of sustainable investing, an approach to investing that enables us to invest our money in line with our environmental and social values. No prior investment experience or knowledge is required. IftP is for learning and discussing – we will not be making recommendations on specific investments.

Proposed topics:

Through monthly or periodic meetings, we will discuss the building blocks (or “asset classes”) for investing, such as stocks, bonds, CDs, and deposit accounts and how we can weave our values into these investments. Potential meeting agendas, proposed below, may change based upon feedback and suggestions from the group.

Meeting 1 (June 23, 2021):
• Group introductions
• What do we hope to achieve from the group? What topics would we like to discuss?
• Terminology — what does sustainable investing mean? How does it differ from Socially Responsible Investing (SRI)? ESG (Environmental Social and Governance) Investing?
• Brief overview of the investing building blocks

Meeting 2 (TBD):
• Understanding stocks
• How can you influence a company by being a stockholder?

Meeting 3 (TBD):
• Shareholder activism and other tools of sustainable investors
• Example issues addressed by shareholder activism

Meeting 4 (TBD):
• Understanding bonds/types of bonds
• Sustainable investing with bonds

Meeting 5 (TBD):
• Putting the pieces together – mutual funds and ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds)
• How you can know what you own in your funds?

Invest for the Planet will be facilitated by Karen Shapiro. Karen is an environmental scientist and Financial Advisor/Director, Sustainable Investing at Provo Wealth Management Group. She works with investors who want their investments aligned with the issues that matter to them, while providing the lifestyle they want.

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