Energy and Climate Resources

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Energy and Climate Books

Read a good book – always an excellent way to learn more!  Your local library and the larger Old Colony Library Network have a multitude of good resources.  Check out their environmental section.  Listed below are just a few suggestions to get you started…the Amazon link is included in case you want a short summary.  Explore! There are of course many more.  What books have you liked?  Post your discoveries on the SSC Facebook page.


Drawdown – Paul Hawken

Blowout – Rachael Maddow

Falter – Bill McKibben  note:  Bill McKibben is a prolific writer who has written many books supporting the environment.

On Fire – The Burning Case for a Green New Deal – Naomi Klein

The Sixth Extinction – Elizabeth Kolbert

Energy and Climate Movies

As with books, there are many excellent sources.  We’re listing a few of the many excellent ones.  Most are available through streaming, often through Amazon.  Some may require a small rental fee, but not all.  A few may not currently be available unless there is an area screening.  Explore, try some, look around to see what else you find.  Enjoy!  Tell us what you like….

Biggest Little Farm

The Story of Plastic

Dark Waters

Before the Flood

Chasing Coral

A Plastic Ocean

The True Cost

Paris to Pittsburgh

The Need to Grow