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Coming March 2021

An new electricity aggregation program called Sharon Power Choice. The program, which was recently approved by the state Department of Public Utilities, will automatically enroll all residents who are currently on basic service except those who opt out. See:

Three consumer-friendly electricity choices

Sharon Power Choice offers three consumer-friendly electricity choices that give you greater control over the renewable energy content and price of your electricity supply. Sharon Power Choice Standard is the default program offering. It provides an additional 20% renewable electricity from New England, over and above the minimum amount required by state law, for a total of 38% clean, renewable electricity from New England in 2021.

You also have two additional choices:

  • Sharon Power Choice Basic, which provides only the minimum amount of renewable electricity required by state law.
  • Sharon Power Choice Green, which provides 100% clean, renewable electricity from New England. Sustainable Sharon Coalition supports and recommends this option which will:

Address climate change and improve local air quality.
Help drive the development of new New England-based renewable energy projects.
Support local businesses and local jobs.

Opt Up to Sharon Power Choice Green.

Sustainable Sharon Coalition also recommends that you use the 100% clean option in combination with rooftop solar panels and/or community solar to obtain 100% clean power from local sources at a lower cost than electricity from conventional fossil fuel sources. See below.

If you have questions please email:

Going solar saves money while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The following are three ways to tap the power of the sun. They can be combined to meet the additional power needs of an electric vehicle or electric heat pump system with 100% clean power.

1. Sharon Power Choice (


  • Automatic enrollment beginning in March 2021 Ability to opt out (or in) at any time.
  • Three options: 18%, 38% or 100% clean energy Competitive rates are fixed for 34 months


  • Lowest cost option is only 18% clean energy.
  • Standard option is only 38% clean energy.
  • 100% option costs more than utility rates.


  • 100% clean, locally-generated solar power
  • Every home and apartment is eligible
  • No up-front cost
  • Typically costs less than utility rates


  • Multi-year commitment may be required
  • Early cancellation fee in some cases


  • Most cost-effective option
  • Start saving right away with a loan or a lease
  • Solar contractors make it easy.
  • Get a free quote!


  • Not all roofs are suitable (shade, age, etc.)

Support Sustainable Sharon by using the solar vendors listed at:

Gas in our home is NOT clean as we are constantly led to believe.
Watch this short video to learn why!


Learn more about Induction Cooking from this Induction Cooking presentation by Paul Lauenstein (Monthly SSC meeting, December 2, 2020).

Creating a Zero Carbon Home – a presentation by David Green

Energy & Climate Books

Read a good book – always an excellent way to learn more!  Your local library and the larger Old Colony Library Network have a multitude of good resources.  Check out their environmental section.  Listed below are just a few suggestions to get you started…the Amazon link is included in case you want a short summary.  Explore! There are of course many more.  What books have you liked?  Post your discoveries on the SSC Facebook page.

Drawdown – Paul Hawken 

Blowout – Rachael Maddow 

Falter – Bill McKibben    (Bill McKibben is a prolific writer who has written many books supporting the environment.)

On Fire – The Burning Case for a Green New Deal – Naomi Klein 

The Sixth Extinction – Elizabeth Kolbert

Energy & Climate Movies

As with books, there are many excellent sources.  We’re listing a few of the many excellent ones.  Most are available through streaming, often through Amazon.  Some may require a small rental fee, but not all.  A few may not currently be available unless there is an area screening.  Explore, try some, look around to see what else you find.  Enjoy!  Tell us what you like….

The Future We Choose, Surviving the Climate Crisis

Biggest Little Farm

The Story of Plastic

Dark Waters

Before the Flood

Chasing Coral

A Plastic Ocean

The True Cost

Paris to Pittsburgh

The Need to Grow

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