Composting is a convenient, beneficial and inexpensive way to handle your organic waste and help the environment. 

◆ reduces the volume of trash requiring disposal.
◆ Saves money for you and our community through
reduced waste disposal costs.
◆ Enriches the soil.

Using compost for your lawn and garden adds essential nutrients, improves soil structure, which allows better root growth, and increases moisture and nutrient retention in the soil. Plants love compost!

Curbside Pickup with Black Earth Compost 

Participate in composting—return food scraps and other organic material to the soil to be reused, with the convenience of weekly curbside pickup.

With this program, you can compost meat, bones, dairy products, food-soiled paper products (like pizza boxes), pasta, corks (not plastic), and cookies, besides all the more expected items like fruits and veggies, egg shells, tea and coffee grounds. Plus, you receive a voucher for a bag of finished compost in the spring, Learn more at 

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Help Sharon reach 300 customers, and the cost of the service will go down by 40% for all households signed up!

Current Cost: $99 for 6 months
Cost with 300 households enrolled: $59 for 6 months

For more information, please watch this great video, created by Girl Scout Troop 65090,

Increasingly, Sharon Residents are choosing to compost their organic waste with Black Earth Compost!

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Curbside Free Leaf and Brush Pickup – Town of Sharon

Leaves and brush are picked up curbside the last week of October, throughout November, the first week of December, and the last weeks of both April and May: 2019-20 collection calendar.

Backyard Composting – Do It Yourself!

Compost leaves, lawn clippings, fruit and veggie scraps, soiled paper, and cardboard in your backyard.  Worm bins and composting bins are just two options.  The Town of Sharon sometimes has compost bins for sale at subsidized cost – contact the DPW for details. Learn about backyard composting and different types of bins from MassDEP.

The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection created this brochure to get you started. Here is a PowerPoint presentation that was part of a SSC meeting program in 2018.

Farnham Road – Sharon’s Public Composting Area

Drop off you leaves, brush, and grass at Sharon’s Farnham Road compost site, which is open April – November with the following schedule.