Complete Streets

What are Complete Streets?

A Complete Street is one that provides safe and accessible options for all travel modes – walking, biking, transit and vehicles – for people of all ages and abilities. Below is an example of a Complete Street in Seattle, WA.

Designing streets with these principles contributes toward the safety, health, economic viability and quality of life in a community by improving the pedestrian and vehicular environments. Providing safer, more accessible and comfortable means of travel between home, school, work, recreation and retail destinations helps promote more livable communities.

Why Does Sharon Want to Join the Complete Streets Program?

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) Complete Streets Funding Program was created by legislative authorization through the 2014 Transportation Bond Bill with the intent of rewarding municipalities that demonstrate a commitment to embedding Complete Streets in policy and practice.

Each municipalities that chooses to participate is awarded:

1) Funding for technical assistance to analyze their community needs and develop a Complete Streets Prioritization Plan

2) Funding for construction of Complete Streets infrastructure projects. The eligibility requirements are designed to demonstrate a municipality’s commitment to embedding Complete Streets in policy and practice, while also allowing a level playing field for entry into the program. In other words, MassDOT is seeking to meet a community where it is at, and allow flexibility in the level of commitment and implementation.

For more information please visit the MassDOT Complete Street Program