Community Solar

Installing a solar power system at your home is no longer the only option to “going solar.” For many people, solar panels on your residence is not an option. Reasons include homes that are heavily shaded (e.g. by trees) or living arrangements such as renting that make solar panels on your residence impractical.

How it Works: With community solar, you’ll get credit on your electric bill for energy produced on a remote solar garden located in your region. Since the credits are purchased at a special discounted rate, you’ll automatically save on your utility bills.

Benefits of Community Solar:

  • Save on electricity costs.
  • No installation at your home. No maintenance. No worries.
  • Cut carbon pollution with off-site, local solar power.

There are a number of providers of community solar services. Sustainable Sharon Coalition has a long standing relationship with community solar provider Relay Power.

Relay Power is taking reservations now. Why not sign up today for a consultation?


Community Solar is available to qualified National Grid or Eversource Massachusetts electric ratepayers.

Sustainable Sharon Coalition will get a donation for every signup we generate.  To learn more and/or sign up for community solar, click  here. Through this link, you’ll be able to schedule a phone appointment with a Relay Power clean energy consultant.

Thanks and Go Solar!