SSC Opposes Plastic Turf Field

SSC recommends organically maintained, natural turf for the SHS football field; with the proper expertise, grass fields allow quality play without threatening the health of our athletes. The Sharon School Committee has requested an artificial turf football field be installed inside the existing SHS track.  Sustainable Sharon Coalition and Plastic… Read More »SSC Opposes Plastic Turf Field

Sharon Streets are Becoming More Accessible!

Sharon is becoming more walk-able and bike-able, thanks to a new initiative called Complete Streets. A Complete Street is one that provides safe and accessible options for all travel modes – walking, biking, transit and vehicles – for people of all ages and abilities. The Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT)… Read More »Sharon Streets are Becoming More Accessible!

Green Commuting: MassDOT Programs Worth Considering

The Sustainable Sharon Coalition and MassRIDES are here to help you improve your commute and reduce the number of solo drivers on our roads. MassRIDES is a free program of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) designed to help reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality and mobility. Improving your… Read More »Green Commuting: MassDOT Programs Worth Considering