Interest Groups

The Sustainable Sharon Coalition consists of a number of interest groups, each of which is devoted to serving a certain aspect of sustainability.

Contact to join a group or volunteer to fill a vacancy. Thank you!

Internal Interest Groups:

  • Awards
    • Lynn Wolbarst Sustainability Award (Sandra Widland)
    • High School Senior Sustainability Award (Bri McAlevey)
  • Communications (Cheryl Schnitzer / Ellen Bordman)
    • eNewsletter (Molli Denrich)
    • Webmaster (Megan Burnett)
    • Technical Support (David Slater)
    • AV (David Pototsky)
    • Facebook  (Ellen Bordman)
    • Instagram (Alice Zaniewski)
    • Photographer (Vacancy)
  • Coherence (Cheryl Schnitzer)
    • Strategic Planning (Sandra Widland)
    • Nominating board of directors (Vacancy)
  • Membership
    • Signups (Marlene Arnold)
    • Recruiting (Vacancy)
  • Finances
    • Treasurer (David Slater)
    • Fundraising (Vacancy)


External Interest Groups:

  • Communities-Interfaith-Multicultural (Asma Abdullah)
  • Democracy (Paul Lauenstein)
  • Education (Shawn Moriarty / Cheryl Schnitzer)
  • Energy and Climate Change (Vacancy)
  • Food (Alice Zaniewski)
  • Sharon Green Day (Vacancy)
  • Invest for the Planet (Karen Shapiro / Cheryl Schnitzer)
  • Kids (Patrice Stering)
  • Litter (Tommy and Lauren Goloboy / Rory McGregor)
  • Read for the Planet (Bri McAlevey / Cheryl Schnitzer)
  • Transportation (Mike Littman)
  • Trees and Plants (Rosemary Tambouret)
  • Water (Paul Lauenstein)
  • Youth (Charlotte Pototsky)
  • Zero Waste (Debbie Tatro)


Two Women holding a sign