Committees and Chairs

The Sustainable Sharon Coalition consists of a number of committees, each of which is devoted to serving a certain aspect of sustainability.

Communications (Chair: Ellen Bordman – supports the SSC website, as well our

Facebook Facebook Logoand Instagram  Round Instagram Logo pages.

Communities, Interfaith  and Multicultural (Chair: Asma Abdullah)

Democracy (Chair: Paul Lauenstein;    781-784-2986)

Education (Chair: Nivedi Das)

Energy and Climate Change (Chair: Artie Crocker;

Food (Chair: Bri McAlevey;

Fundraising (Chair: Tim Humphreys)

Sharon Green Day (Chair: Vacant)

Water (Chair: Paul Lauenstein;    781-784-2986)

Youth (Chair: Aneeza Ahmad;

Zero Waste (Co-Chairs: Debbie Tatro and Helen Poynton;

Two Women holding a sign