About Sharon’s Water

Hampton Road water tank

Sharon relies on local groundwater aquifers for its drinking water. The system currently serves about 17,500 customers or approximately 98% of the Town.

Water Mains
The Town’s water delivery system includes about 120 miles of pipe. Some of the pipes are unlined, small diameter cast iron water mains that are over 100 years old.

Water Storage Tanks
The Town maintains four water storage tanks with a total volume of 3 million gallons.

Water Supply Wells
The Town obtains its water supply from four gravel pack wells.

The combined MassDEP approved pumping rate of the groundwater supplies from all the sources is 3.12 million gallons per day (mgd).

Water Treatment

All wells are treated with sodium hypochlorite for disinfection, sodium fluoride for dental protection, and potassium hydroxide for pH adjustment/corrosion control.

Sharon Water Quality Reports

Annual Water Quality Reports provide customers with information on where your water comes from, what the Water Department is doing to modernize the system, what is found in the water, what the W.D. does to ensure high-quality water for now and in the future, and tips on efficient use of water.

Read water quality reports.


To help residents conserve water, the Sharon Water Conservation Program provides educational outreach, toilet & clothes washer rebates, free giveaways (shower heads and faucet aerators), and leak detection.

Residential outdoor water restrictions are put in place every May 1-Oct. 1.

Lawn sprinklers, either underground or hose fed, must adhere to the following proposed schedule:

  • Odd numbered homes: Mon. & Thurs.–6pm to 8pm only
  • Even numbered homes: Tues. & Fri.–6pm to 8pm only

Residents may use one hand held hose, fitted with a spray nozzle, without restriction. Exemptions to this policy may be granted for newly  installed lawns for up to 14 days.  Call or visit the Sharon Water Dept. (DPW) for more information 781-784-1525 x2315

How is Sharon doing with Water Conservation?

  • The average water use in Sharon is approximately 57 gallons per person per day. The average water use across the U.S. in 90-100 gallons per person per day.
  • The Sharon Water Department uses approximately $150,000 worth of electricity every year just to pump our municipal wells, not counting the energy used to heat water.
  • Sharon’s award-winning water conservation program has resulted in a 20% reduction in water use.

The Sharon Water Conservation Program is a partnership between the Town of Sharon Water Department and the Neponset River Watershed Association in Canton, MA.

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