July 1, 2020 Meeting Agenda

Sustainable Sharon Coalition monthly meeting
Wednesday, July 1, 2020, 7:00 – 8:30 PM
Zoom Remote Meeting, https://zoom.us/j/3524688267

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7:00  1. Welcome to our SSC monthly meeting (Cheryl Schnitzer)

  • Vision statement: We inspire, educate, connect, and catalyze our community to protect the planet. 🌎
  • Approve minutes from the last meeting.

7:05  2. Looking back and planning ahead.

    • THANK YOU TO THE 2019-2020 SSC BOARD MEMBERS AND COMMITTEE CHAIRS!!! Special thanks to Kathy Farrell and Ruby Gu.

Who will be the SSC board and committee chairs for 2020-2021?

VOTE on Proposed SSC Board 2020-2021

  • President: Cheryl Schnitzer
  • Vice President: Ellen Bordman
  • Treasurer: David Slater
  • Secretary/Clerk: Marlene Arnold
  • Asma Abdullah
  • Stuart Brown
  • Nivedi Das
  • Tim Humphreys
  • Paul Lauenstein
  • Bri McAlevey
  • Kathi Mirza
  • Helen Poynton
  • Ricky Stern
  • Simone Tamkin
  • Debbie Tatro
  • Sandra Widland

VOTE on Proposed Committees and Chairs 2020-2021*

  • Communications (Chair: Ellen Bordman)
  • Democracy (Chair: Paul Lauenstein)
  • Education (Chair: Nivedi Das)
  • Energy and Climate Change (Chair: Artie Crocker)
  • Food (Chair: Bri McAlevey)
  • Sharon Green Day (Chair: Vacant, but may not be needed)
  • Communities, Interfaith and Multicultural (Chair: Asma Abdullah)
  • Fundraising (Chair: Tim Humphreys)
  • Zero Waste (Co-Chairs: Debbie Tatro and Helen Poynton)
  • Water (Chair: Paul Lauenstein)
  • Youth (Chair: Aneeza Ahmad)

*Note to Committee Chairs, from Sandra Wildland, Head of SSC strategic planning: Let’s review this strategic planning document (link below) to start completing the outcomes column (due July 15th) and start working on this new fiscal year: LINK

7:15  3. SSC Awards: Certificates of Appreciation. CONGRATULATIONS! (Cheryl Schnitzer)

  • Peg Arguimbau
  • Greg Meister
  • Ruby Gu
  • Linda Orel
  • Debbie Tatro

7:20  4. Conversation about racism and environmental justice. (Sandra Widland and Asma Abdullah)

7:35  5. SSC Communities, Interfaith and Multicultural Committee (Asma Abdullah)

7:40  6. SSC Food Committee (Bri McAlevey)

7:45 7.  SSC Communications Committee (Ellen Bordman)

  • Welcome to our new Webmaster, Jess Weiss! Special thanks to Dave Slater!
  • New protocol for website.
  • Facebook Group SSC Super Challenge, June 16th – July 7th: Raffle two starter kits for Black Earth Compost ($150 value/each to keep or give a friend)…we are just about at 300 households in Sharon, so the price for curbside pickup will go down by 40% for everyone! www.facebook.com/groups/sustainablesharoncoalition
    SSC e-newsletter—please continue to look out for Molli’s emails and provide content…thank you!
  • SSC Roving Reporter (Charlotte Pototsky)

7:50  8. SSC Zero Waste Committee (Debbie Tatro/Helen Poynton)

  • The status of artificial turf in Sharon, https://sustainablesharon.org/artificial-turf/ (Debbie)
  • Work with NEPRWA for litter-water education and action (Rory) [At the last meeting, the following volunteered to help: Aneeza, Kathi Mirza, Dave, Helen, Charlotte and Molli (we will email Lauren and Tommy Goloboy about this too).]
  • Safe healthy playing field coalition, Sharon (Debbie)
  • Reusable bags have arrived! (Ricky Stern)

7:55 9.  SSC Energy and Climate Change Committee (Artie Crocker)

8:00  10. High School/College Student Summer Intern(s) (Simone Tamkin/Liz Thomson)

  • Get the word out about solar
  • Master Google sheet of neighboring towns
  • Write MVP proposal
  • Postcarding
  • Fundraising
  • Composting buildou
  • Anything else?

8:05 11. (Cheryl Schnitzer)

8:10  12. Update SSC Bylaws (VOTE for three changes below.) (Cheryl Schnitzer)

Currently: Article 2 Purpose
Sustainable Sharon Coalition, Inc. is a nonprofit corporation which is operated in accordance with the meaning and provisions of Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code and the regulations issued thereunder.
Sustainable Sharon Coalition, Inc. is organized to promote sound use of natural and man-made resources among the citizens of Sharon, Massachusetts. The purposes of Sustainable Sharon Coalition have been set forth in its Articles of Incorporation which are filed with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
(VOTE: change “man-made” to “other?”)

Currently: Article 4 Officers and Board of Directors
4.1 Number
The officers of the corporation shall be a President, Vice President, Treasurer and Clerk and other such officers, if any, as the directors deem necessary. The Board of Directors shall consist of the officers and up to ten additional persons.
(VOTE: change to twelve?)

Currently: Article 3 Membership
3.1 Membership Requirements
Individuals or organizations who pay annual membership dues.
3.2 Membership Dues
The membership may be assessed annual dues in amount to be established by the Board of Directors. The President may provide for waivers or substitute requirements for members lacking the resources to meet the dues established.
(Vote: play down and reword this in case the need arises?)

3.1 Membership Requirements
Individuals or organizations who attend a minimum of 6 meetings in a 12 month period or otherwise contribute to the work of the organization.
3.2 Membership Dues
At the annual meeting, the Board of Directors may recommend, to the membership, a schedule of membership dues for the coming fiscal year. Approval requires a 2/3 majority vote of the membership.

8:15  13. THE SSC WORD OF THE YEAR. (Cheryl Schnitzer)

8:20  14. Any new business? (Cheryl Schnitzer)

8:25  15. Next meetings (Cheryl Schnitzer)

  • SSC Board meeting, Wed., July 29th, at 7:00 PM
  • SSC monthly meeting, Wed. August 5th, 7:00 PM. Invited guest: David Ruggeiro, the new Energy Administrator in town

8:30  16. Adjourn (Cheryl Schnitzer)