May 6, 2020 Meeting Minutes

May 6, 2020 Meeting Minutes

Sustainable Sharon Coalition General Monthly Meeting

7:00 p.m. Zoom Chat


Present:  Cheryl Schnitzer, Kathy Farrell, Bri McAlevey, Cheryl Weinstein, Rory McGregor, Charlotte Pototsky, Paul Lauenstein, Jarred Rose, Aneeza Ahmad, Lauren Goloboy, Tommy Goloboy, Dave Slater, Sebastian Armstrong, Marlene Arnold, Debbie Tatro, Nivedi Chandrasekaran, Kathi Mirza, Ellen Bordman, Abby Kessler (Homeworks Representative)


Minutes SSC meeting 3/4/20: 

  1. Welcome to our SSC monthly meeting (Cheryl Schnitzer) and Vision statement: We inspire, educate, connect, and catalyze our community to protect the planet.
  2.     Motion to approve minutes, seconded, passed.
  3.     Cheryl Schnitzer welcomed candidate(s) for State Senate election: Jarred Rose.  Senator Timilty (emailed statement) 

  1.     SSC Facebook group: Eight Weeks of Challenges and Prizes (Thank you, Ellen, Bri, Kathy, Cherry, Lauren, Tommy, and to everyone who has joined the SSC group and posted!)
  2.     Honoring the recipient of the 2020 Lynn Wolbarst Sustainability Award: Congratulations to Silas Fyler!  Cheryl asked if Dave could update website.
  3.     Sharon Green Day Art Contest open to high school students to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. Two winners and one runner-up! (Please post video and PowerPoint slides to the SSC website.) (Thanks, Ricky and Nivedi) Winners will get checks in the mail.  Made a little video of the winner ceremony.
  4. SSC Youth Committee: working with the town to plant trees (Aneeza Ahmad) Right now, with school closure, not clear how to go forward with that this year.
  5. SSC Graduating Senior Scholarship? (Nivedi, form from Sandra?) considering $250, especially for senior doing good work in environmental / sustainable areas.  Bri, Ellen, Nivedi will talk further.
  6. SSC Zero Waste Committee update 
  7. The status of artificial turf in Sharon discussed,


  1. SSC Energy Topics
  • HomeWorks Energy is currently conducting virtual home energy assessments through the Mass Save program. SSC has a long standing relationship with HomeWorks. Our HomeWorks Representative Abby Kessler participated in the SSC meeting. She noted that the Mass Save program covers 100% in insulation right now, as long as scheduled by 5/31 (which was later extended), with work done by 10/31.  Hoping SSC can help them spread the word and they will donate $22/audit to SSC,
  • Community solar subscriptions survey: It takes about 5 minutes to fill out. You’ll need to photograph or scan your electricity bill and attach it to the survey at the end. Relay Power is offering SSC $25 for each (SSC) person who takes the survey.
  1. Motion to give $250 to a HS student for the award.  Voted and passed.


  1. Keep an eye out for SSC Facebook group posts and emails about sustainable gardening discussion, TBD


  1. Next monthly meeting, Wed. June 3rd, 7:00 PM.