June 3, 2020 Meeting Agenda


Sustainable Sharon Coalition monthly meeting 

Wednesday, June 3, 2020, 7:00 – 8:30 PM

Zoom Remote Meeting, https://zoom.us/j/3524688267


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7:00 1. Welcome to our SSC monthly meeting (Cheryl Schnitzer)

  • Vision statement: We inspire, educate, connect, and catalyze our community to protect the planet 🌎
  • Approve minutes from last meeting


7:05 2. Looking back and planning ahead. 

  • Summary (bullet form) what we’ve done for the past few months. Does anyone want to check back in SSC e-newsletters, agendas, and minutes?
  • Who will be the SSC board and committee chairs for 2020-2021? Succession planning—new webmaster, board members, committee chairs, etc.?


SSC Board  2019-2020       

  1. President: Cheryl Schnitzer
  2. Vice President: Ellen Bordman
  3. Treasurer: Ruby Gu
  4. Secretary/Clerk: Kathy Farrell
  5. Stuart Brown 
  6. Cherry Chun
  7. Tim Humphreys
  8. Paul Lauenstein
  9. Bri McAlevey
  10. Kathi Mirza
  11. Ricky Stern
  12. Simone Tamkin
  13. Debbie Tatro
  14. Sandra Widland
  15. Dave Slater


Committee Chairs 2019-2020

Arts and Culture (Chair: Vacant)

Communications (Co-chairs: Bordman and Aaron Tamkin)

Democracy (Chair: Paul Lauenstein)

Education (Chair: Artie Crocker)

Energy and Climate (Kathy Farrell)

Food (Chair: Bri McAlevey)

Sharon Green Day (Chair: Nivedi Das)

Communities, Interfaith and Multicultural (Chair: Stuart Brown)

Fundraising (Chair: Vacant)

Strategic Planning (Chair: Sandra Widland)*

Zero Waste (Chair: Cherry Chun)

Ad Hoc Sub-Committee of Zero Waste: Plastic Reduction (Chair: Debbie Tatro)

Transportation (Chair: Sandra Widland)

Water (Chair: Paul Lauenstein)

Youth (Chair: Aneeza Ahmad)


*Note from Sandra to Committee Chairs: let’s review this document (see link below) to start completing the outcomes column (due July 15th)



7:15 3. SSC Awards (three so far!)


7:20 4. Fundraiser. Auction on FB? Two starter kits for Black Earth Compost ($150 value/each to keep or give a friend) Anything else to auction off?


7:30 5. Contest for SSC Super Reps


Prizes: $100 cash (up to five? VOTE)


How will you (and your family) commit to helping SSC and our town forward environmental sustainability? Brainstorm ideas—what do we need help with?

  • Once a month for six months, using social media, try to reach 300+ households to sign up for Black Earth Compost
  • Spread the word about solar energy
  • Spread the word about home energy audits
  • Litter cleanup initiatives


7:40 6. SSC Zero Waste Committee (Cherry/Debbie)


7:50 7. SSC Communications Committee (Ellen and Aaron)

  • SSC Roving Reporter (Charlotte Pototsky)
  • The website task force
  • SSC FB Group—please keep it lively! www.facebook.com/groups/sustainablesharoncoalition
  • e-newsletter—please look out for Molli’s emails and provide content, and thank you!
  • Instagram 


8:00 8. SSC Energy committee (Kathy Farrell)

  • HomeWorks Energy is currently conducting virtual home energy assessments (VHEAs), 100% insulation costs mostly covered, and $22 for SSC, https://contact.homeworks-energy.com/sustainable-sharon?utm_source=partners&utm_medium=web&utm_campaign=MA-VHEA-Sustainable-Sharon
  • Relay Power community solar and online energy survey for helping homeowner’s identify their best opportunities for transitioning to cleaner energy and lower energy costs. This is also an opportunity for SSC to earn $25 for every homeowner we recruit to take the survey, like we have been doing with home energy assessments and community solar subscriptions. Here’s a link to the draft survey: https://relaypower.com/hea-survey/. It takes about 5 minutes to fill out. You’ll need to photograph or scan your electricity bill and attach it to the survey at the end.


8:10 9. More activism? New committee? Link on SSC website?

  • Voting.  Expand vote by mail laws. Voters deserve the right to safely participate in elections. We’re asking the state to allow rapid expansion of vote by mail (more info here) efforts for use by Sept 1 or earlier. 
  • Climate change.  The Commonwealth only has ten years to significantly reduce our climate emissions to meet the goals set out in the 2018 UN IPCC report. While the Speaker has hinted at support for passing climate legislation sometime this year , plenty of uncertainty remains and the session is scheduled to end July 31, 2020. The legislature has a responsibility to extend the session this year to deal with urgent climate and environmental justice policies. Please ask your legislator to extend the session so we have time to pass these critical policies! 
  • Link between COVID-19 and climate change

Special presentation: Judeth Van Hamm, Co-Chair, 350Mass South Shore and President, Sustainable South Shore

8:20 10. Any new business?


8:25 11. Next monthly meeting, Wed. July 1st, 7:00 PM. ANNUAL MEETING and SSC ELECTIONS!!!


8:30 12. Adjourn (Cheryl Schnitzer)