April 1, 2020 Meeting Minutes

2020 April minutes
April 1, 2020, 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM
Zoom Remote Meeting, https://zoom.us/j/3524688267
Agenda SSC meeting 4/1/20: https://sustainablesharon.org/category/meeting-agendas/
Minutes SSC meeting 3/4/20: https://sustainablesharon.org/category/ssc-meeting-minutes/

Aneeza Ahmad, Cherry Chun, Artie Crocker, Kathy Farrell, Silas Fyler, Lauren Goloboy, Tommy Goloboy, Jason Grillo, Ruby Gu, Judy Jacobs, Judy Karlin, Elena Katz Rose, Paul Lauenstein, Bri McAlevey, Rory McGregor, Kathi Mirza, Cheryl Schnitzer, Debbie Tatro, Aaron Tamkin, Simone Tamkin, Cheryl Weinstein

  • Welcome (Cheryl Schnitzer) –
    • Cheryl led in reciting the mission statement and passed around minutes for approval. Cheryl noted minutes do not contain State Rep candidates Ted Philips’ and Andrew Flowers’ statements. Statements are available on SSC website.
  • Update on Green Day: Event is cancelled, but discussed ideas that acknowledge the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day and Sharon Green Day, while respecting the COVID-19 pandemic:
    • Promoting vendors on FB group: Ellen Bordman, Jason Grillo, Cheryl Schnitzer, and Suma Kaveti communicated to vendors via email that we have cancelled Green Day and steered them to go onto FB group to promote their companies and the way they are supporting sustainability and limiting climate change.
    • Local tree planting (Judy Jacobs): Judy noted that the Friends of Blue Hills are giving away many trees for Earth Day, and could get some for SSC. Tree planting was originally scheduled for May 2, but unclear now when we can gather socially.
    • Honoring the recipient of the 2020 Lynn Wolbarst Sustainability Award (Sandra Widland): nominations are due by 4/5/2020. They have many applicants and will announce the winner next week.
    • Art Contest for high school students (Ricky Stern): No submissions yet but several people have asked Aneeza about it.
    • Six educational and inspirational threads via SSC Facebook group: There will be a different topic every week with two winners chosen each week for restaurant gift cards. It’s good that we are promoting local restaurants. It was announced in the e-newsletter. Suggestion to choose winner by putting names in pot based on how many times they post. The more you post, the more chances to win.
    • Week of litter clean up (Tommy Goloboy): “Sponsor a Street” initiative.
      Tommy asked that everyone encourage people to sign up to sponsor a street; clean up on a schedule.

      • Lauren Goloboy – sees more litter on trails since they are being used more. Walkers are encouraged to clean as they hike. The Goloboy family donated 12 $20 gift cards for FB initiative (also gave $50 to SSC after 2019 cleanup). Lauren will give gift cards at the end of this initiative.
      • Kathi Mirza – saw lots of trash along the lake – wondered if we could partner with Rec. Dept. for them to pick up trash bags if we left them around. Maybe Rec Dept. could also provide picker utensils.
      • Aneeza – suggested we make some videos of our individual efforts.
      • Paul – might be interesting to get statistics on what trash is found.
      • Lauren – secret party sites along the trails is an ongoing problem. Also stuff dumped from contractor stuff dumped. Paul suggested connecting with SFOC. Cheryl suggested trail signs to carry in/carry out. Quick discussion of no trash cans currently on trails.
    • Cheryl asked for help tracking posts for these initiatives. Requested that people volunteer to track who is posting and how many times for the week. Ellen and Cherry will help, Bri will do food if she goes back to FB, and Lauren can track litter posts. Kathy Farrell will do one week. This Sunday will kick off first one. Artie noted that a number of people are not engaged due to the unusual circumstances and suggested we maybe should put it on hold. After some discussion it was concluded we should try it now.
    • Call State Representatives and State Senators to bring the We the People Act (H.3208 and S.2163) to a vote this session (Paul Lauentein): Five states currently have passed it—have also received endorsement from Citizen’s Commission, which is significant. Legislature ends on 7/31. Debbie asks if Paul could create template for conversation with legislators. He already has one and will send to Cheryl for forwarding to all.
    • Website: Aaron has about half the board members bios but needs the rest. Thank you to Aaron Tamkin and Dave Slater.
    • Story of Stuff national movement for Earth Day, Discovery Channel: Debbie is waiting for notice of when it will air. Whole series of “Story of….”, done by Annie Leonard, was very well received. Paul strongly encouraged people to watch series, including story of Democracy Now. Simone emphasized how good this series is. Idea to have a zoom conversation immediately afterwards, rather than waiting until the next day.
  • Status of artificial turf in Sharon (Debbie Tatro): FinCom was supposed to vote on moratorium, but wanted to wait for BoH thoughts, ConCom. ConCom will vote on April 16 via Zoom meeting. Judy Crosby requested that school and landscape architect present to FinCom, so they hear from other side. Debbie wants organic grass specialist to address FinCom. Ira Miller from FinCom requests one page summary of reason for moratorium. Artie Cohen will be the FinCom person summarizing for warrant. He will have Debbie’s one pager. Tracey Stuart from Safe, Active Playing Fields, has been crucial for organic grass expert. Debbie has sent cost estimates to FinCom for organic turf. Also sent to BOS. Debbie noted it would be good if all could attend ConCom on 4/16, and the following meeting on 4/23. Maybe we could prod Board of Health to express concern. Paul knows a BOH person and will send him an email.
  • SSC Communications Committee update (Jason Grillo, Aaron Tamkin, Dave Slater, and Molli Denrich): Jason is stepping back from Com. Committee – will be relocating to Seattle. He will work to get everything well organized before he leaves. Ellen agreed to co-chair Com Com with Aaron. Cherry and Debbie will also jump into Com Committee.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Mailchimp is either $9.99 or $14.99/mo for membership. Board vote on $14.99/mo (can always do lower level). Ruby – We have $6,088 in assets, so enough to pay for Mailchimp. We’ve spent about as much this year as we’ve earned.

Bri made motion to spend up to $14.99/mo for Mail Chimp, motion seconded. Passed.

  • Energy – Kathy F. Just signed two sign-on letters for SSC: (1) MCAN sponsored letter to Gov. Baker and Secretary Theoharides strengthening state Roadmap bill and (2) letter sponsored by Delaware River Keepers et al. requesting moratorium on pipeline projects and LNG export facilities during Covid crisis. Kathy warned that given ongoing problems with fracked gas industry, fossil fuel companies are diverting supply into plastics manufacturing, building huge plants for plastic pellet manufacturing.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Silas updated everyone on 3/31 EAC meeting. $7,000 available from DSD (solar contractor) to help remove mound in Gavins parking area. Expects recommendation to BOS for them to vote on April 21. Silas suggests we Zoom attend that meeting. After next EAC meeting (probably 4/6), Silas recommends we connect w/ BOS and advocate for the solar installations. Silas confirmed that Heights project is going forward and LED lights would be installed on tennis courts on 4/1.
  • The town (Select Board) voted to approve a contract for curbside textile recycling with Simple Recycling.
  • Next meeting: Wed. May 6th, 7PM via Zoom. Will invite candidates for State Senate election, Jarred Rose and Walter Timilty for next meeting.
  • Voted to approve minutes – unanimous.