Calling All Sharon High School Student Artists

Sustainable Sharon Coalition (SSC) is hosting an Art Contest for our new sustainable bags. We are asking any Sharon High Artist to create an eye-catching design that promotes sustainable living to be used on our upcoming SSC bags.

The winning design will be chosen by the Sustainable Sharon Coalition and the Artist will receive a $100 cash prize. The bags will be unveiled at our tree-planting event on May 2nd.

Design Constraints:

  • The Design must be two-tone. It is Due: April 10th
  • It Should be drawn on 8.5” x 11” paper
  • Possible Themes:
    • “Less is More”
    • “50 Year Anniversary of Earth Day”
    • “Sharon Green Day”
  • Submit to: Dr. Ricky S. Stern, 126 Pond St., Sharon
  • Note: Please place artwork in box at front door. Put your name, phone, & email on an attached sheet.
  • Questions: 617-894-3409