Vote YES at Town Meeting – Monday, Nov. 4…..Rattlesnake Hill Article #5 AND Solar Articles #1 – 3

You all have warrants, I won’t quote them. And you have seen (hopefully) the SSC article on the Rattlesnake Hill vote, several articles below. This land purchase opportunity, at NO ADDITIONAL COST TO RESIDENTS, is a surprising, amazing, last chance opportunity. Seize this chance – this land, once developed, will be lost to conservation forever. Would you like to walk it with me? Contact me – We can walk it this week or weekend – it is a special, unspoiled place, and we are so lucky to have this opportunity. It will connect with Borderland Park (state) and Inter Lochen Park (Sharon) to make a 2,000+ acre permanent sanctuary in our midst! And have I mentioned AT NO COST TO US???

Other important sustainable articles to support – Articles 1 – 3, providing solar panels in several different ways for the Mountain Street landfill, East Elementary (I think the proposed panel configuration is in flux here), Gavins Pond parking lot and Heights Elementary. The panels, which will be leased by Distributed Solar Projects LLC, will bring $12.7 – $18.5 million to the town over 20 years. There have been bumps – some neighbors are concerned about the appearance of solar panels (beautiful to me, for what they represent, not so beautiful to others). I believe the Energy Advisory Committee and the town will work to achieve neighbor comfort with these plans. But I must add that we are in a crisis, needing LOTS of sustainable energy in a very short timeframe. As SSC Energy Chairperson, I urge you to attend town meeting and vote YES for these articles.