Rattlesnake Hill Article 5 Vote Nov. 24


Vote YES on Article 5 to Conserve Rattlesnake Hill

Monday, November 4 at 7 p.m.  Sharon High School Auditorium

View from top of Rattlesnake Hill

The Town of Sharon, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the current landowner are seeking to conserve Rattlesnake Hill, a 330-acre parcel located off Mountain Street across from Borderland State Park. The cost of this acquisition will be covered by existing and future Community Preservation Act (CPA) funds totaling $7.5 million, and generous State grants totaling $2.5 million.


Sharon’s CPA funding will pay for this purchase.

The Sharon Select Board, Finance Committee, Community Preservation Committee, and Conservation Commission all voted unanimously in favor of Article 5.

If we fail to secure a 2/3 majority YES vote at Town meeting, the developer could proceed with building hundreds of already permitted units, housing up to 360 new schoolchildren.  Any tax revenue from residential development will not cover the costs required for additional school facilities, infrastructure and town services.

Project Benefits (if the town votes YES)

  • Avoid future property tax increases for additional school facilities, infrastructure, and town services.
  • Preserve irreplaceable forests, sensitive wetlands, and 11 certified vernal pools.
  • Protect a state-designated Priority Protection Area for rare and diverse plant and animal species. 
  • Protect Sharon’s water quality and quantity.
  • Expand access to the contiguous natural areas and network of recreational trails from Borderland.
  • Create public access to a scenic view shed – the third highest point between Boston and Cape Cod.
  • Mitigate climate change by protecting trees and soils that store carbon.
  • Save our Town’s unique character and quality of life for future generations.

Sustainable Sharon Coalition, Sharon Friends of Conservation, Rattlesnake Hill Open Space Association