Wildlife sightings at the Sharon Friends of Conservation

Have you ever wondered what else might be residing in Sharon besides us humans, and what else might be impacted by our activities besides our grandchildren?

Check out the wildlife sightings at the Sharon Friends of Conservation web site, www.sharonfoc.org. There you’ll find over 900 wildlife sightings representing over 400 species of wild plants and animals within the boundaries of Sharon.

Plenty more species still remain to be found and documented, so keep your camera handy. When you get a good photo of anything wild and alive in your back yard or anywhere else in our verdant town, share it with the community using the sightings form at www.sharonfoc.org.

PS – Can you identify these wild things?

Clockwise from upper left: black swallowtail butterfly, pileated woodpecker, box turtle, indigo bunting, bullfrog, ovenbird, tiger swallowtail butterfly, snowberry clearwing moth, Halloween pennant dragonfly, American copper butterfly, yellow-rumped warbler, dewberries

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