Vote YES to Conserve Rattlesnake Hill!

Conserve Rattlesnake Hill – Vote YES at Sharon Town Meeting Monday, November 4 at 7 p.m. In the Sharon High School Auditorium

Rattlesnake Hill (RSH) is located off Mountain Road, across from Borderland State Park. The town and state have an agreement to conserve over 300 acres of irreplaceable forests, wetlands, and Priority Habitat, and to protect Sharon’s sensitive drinking water supplies. Conserving RSH will expand public access to a network of trails; preserve trees that store carbon; protect Sharon residents from climate change impacts; and conserve Sharon’s quality of life for future generations. This acquisition will cost $10 million. 75% of the cost to conserve RSH will be covered by existing and future Community Preservation Act (CPA) funds, and 25% from generous state grants. NO ADDITIONAL TAXES are needed, as homeowners in Sharon already pay an annual 1% CPA surcharge. 

two-thirds vote at Town Meeting will be required to preserve this critical habitat. If we fail to secure enough YES votes, then the developer could build 240 houses, requiring expensive school expansions and costly infrastructure, while permanently destroying this extraordinary resource.

About the Community Preservation Act

Under state law, CPA funds are dedicated for affordable housing (10%); historic preservation (10%); and open space and outdoor recreation (10%). The remainder (70%) can be used for any of these three purposes. To acquire RSH, Sharon plans to use existing CPA funds, and to issue bonds which would be paid off using future CPA income.* But only with your support! 

Join us on November 4th! Vote YES to Conserve Rattlesnake Hill!

*Sharon will have CPA funds available to spend on future CPA projects, including annual CPA funds from the state, as the town cannot pay off bonds for this project using CPA funds dedicated for housing and historic preservation. Nor can the town use the annual CPA state match to pay off bonds. (This year, the state permanently increased the CPA state match by 150%.)


Community Preservation Act:

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