community solar

Community Solar, which generates solar through solar farms rather than panels on your house, is a great way for people to shift their Eversource electricity source from primarily natural gas (which is mainly methane, a big contributor to climate change) to a much greener alternative – sunlight! Not only is the power source much greener, but you will save roughly 10% by joining this solar farm.

Some folks are not good candidates for rooftop solar for their homes, often because trees are shading their roofs.  Community solar is an excellent alternative. 

Right now, for a variety of reasons, community solar spots are hard to find in our area.  But a few slots are now available through longtime Sustainable Sharon Coalition (SSC) community solar partner, Relay Power. For a limited time, if you do enroll in one of these Relay Power community solar slots, the company will donate $100 to SSC and you’ll get a $50 Amazon Gift Card!

To learn more and/or sign up for community solar: www.relaypower.com/sustainablesharon

Through this link, you’ll be able to schedule a phone appointment with a Relay Power clean energy consultant.

The number of slots available are limited and the offer is valid through September 30, 2019, for qualified customers. www.relaypower.com/sustainablesharon.  

Note: anyone with questions on this message is also welcome to contact Kathy Farrell, SSC Energy Committee chair, at kfarrell-dfail@comcast.net



  1. Hi SSC! I already have Relay Power, happy to say. I wondered if there is another initiative out there that you are working on. I missed Square Jam, so I lost the opportunity to ask about this. Mike Sherman mentioned a town wide renewable initiative but didn’t have details. Is there something new forthcoming?

    1. Hi Nancy – sorry for the delay in replying. We are still waiting on Department of Public Utilities approval, and this has been going on since March. Per Silas Fyler on the Town Energy Committee, the latest from about a month ago is that Worcester was given priority because of the issues it would cause National Grid and this probably caused us a delay.

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