Sharon’s master plan must deal with climate change

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Last October, the world’s leading climate scientists warned that we have only a dozen years in which to prevent global warming from exceeding 1.5C, in order to reduce the risks of drought, floods, extreme heat and poverty for hundreds of millions of people.

The Global Warming Solutions Act passed by the Massachusetts legislature calls for an 80% reduction in fossil fuel emissions by 2050. Boston’s climate action plan calls for carbon neutrality by 2050. Sharon Town Meeting voted to eliminate Sharon’s fossil fuel emissions by 2050.

Sharon’s new master plan must take climate change into account, and provide a
blueprint for how Sharon can eliminate its carbon emissions. Consideration should be given to a bylaw requiring all new buildings to be net zero (i.e. use no more energy than they produce, or mitigate their fossil fuel emissions by reducing emissions elsewhere).

The new high school, where the next generations will be educated to deal with a changing climate, should itself be a model of sustainability and use clean, renewable electricity instead of fracked gas.

Sharon should build solar canopies in large parking areas, and reserve the best parking spaces for electric vehicles. Sharon should consider following the lead of the Town of Sterling and install a municipal battery. See

Sharon’s motto is, “A better place to live because it’s naturally beautiful.” We should protect and preserve Sharon’s natural beauty because it enhances our quality of life – and supports our property values.

Paul Lauenstein
4 Gavins Pond Road
Sharon, MA 02067

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