Sharon’s Energy Advisory Committee is leading the town to major progress on shifting to renewable energy.

1.Fast tracking solar at East Elementary School and the new Public Safety Building through the solar provider Solect Energy, using their PowerOptions program.  Possible install date is some time after Fall town meeting. Added cost to Sharon – NOTHING!  

Solar panels will be funded using a Power Purchasing Agreement, which enables the solar owners (Solect) to utilize significant solar subsidies and programs that municipalities like Sharon cannot benefit from.  For more information on PPA agreements, click here.

2. A Request for Proposal has been sent out to place solar panels on the Mountain Street landfill as well as canopy solar on a number of parking areas.  

3.Lots of town activity surrounding renewable energy for the proposed new high school – investigation into geothermal energy as well as solar options.  Solar options vary on the percentage of school electricity provided. The Standing Building Committee, Tappe Architects, School Department and the Energy Advisory Committee have all been involved.

4.Sharon Public Schools has selected a contractor to convert East Elementary to LED lights.  The project is funded through a state Green Community grant. Sharon achieved Green Community status several years ago.

5.Update on Sharon Power Choice electricity program – the town has submitted their plan to the state Department of Public Utilities and is awaiting its review.  

Stay tuned for more information!

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