Help MA legislators pass a strong statewide ban on single-use plastic checkout bags!

plastic bags ban

Act now on the following request from the Conservation Law Foundation:

We just heard that corporate lobbyists are trying to weaken a proposed plastic bag ban bill in Massachusetts – will you tell your legislators to stand strong against plastic pollution?  

Lobbyists are trying to weaken the bill by stripping out the fee, barring cities and towns from passing better bans in the future, and allowing many stores to still pass out plastic bags.

All of these changes would result in the continued prevalence of plastic in our environment, and we can’t let that happen.  

Massachusetts has always been a leader on environmental issues, so it’s time to hold our elected officials accountable to make sure they live up to that reputation when it comes to banning plastic bags. 

Here are talking points you can use when you call: 

  • Plastic bags are consistently in the top 6 most common litter items from beach and land cleanups. They’re dangerous to wildlife, and can break down into microplastics that end up in our drinking water, threatening our own health.
  • Plastic bags contaminate our recycling and jam up the machinery, increasing costs across the board. 
  • Nearly 100 Massachusetts cities and towns, from Pittsfield to Boston, have already passed plastic bag bans but this bill would help reduce plastic pollution even more by making it a statewide law.
  • I want the bill to include a $0.10 fee on paper bags because it would encourage people to switch to reusable bags, the best option.

Help us cut plastic pollution!

Call your representatives and ask them to help put a strong bag ban law on the books.  

Plastic does irrevocable harm to our health as well as to our oceans, rivers, and streams.

Thank you for helping us fight the scourge of pollution in Massachusetts.


Kirstie Pecci

Director, CLF Zero Waste Project

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