The Last Plastic Straw in Sharon MA

Join us
 in a movement to eliminate plastic drinking straws from our waste stream, our oceans, and our beaches, by simply requesting “no straw” at bars & restaurants.

Join and help save our planet, one straw, at a time. No single-use plastics!

The last plastic straw

The last plastic straw

A Message from Cherry Chun:

The Last Plastic Straw Sharon MA is my way of joining the movement and kind of starting in my own backyard. I was hoping to educate people, find others who are interested in helping this cause and eventually spreading the movement outside of Sharon.

I personally have tried to cut back on single-use plastics. First by saying no to plastic bags and bringing my own bags when I shop. Now, by saying no to plastic straws and carrying my own reusable straw in my purse.

These are such easy ways to help! TLPS Sharon MA has 5 members right now. I am hoping after Green Day to have an informal meeting and to start planning and working toward getting people and local businesses/restaurants to take the plastic straw pledge by eliminating the plastic straw use, cutting back, or using alternatives such as paper straws or reusable straws.”

From London to Miami, restaurants, bars, cafes and cities are banning plastic straws voluntarily.

500 million straws are used daily in the United States, filtering into landfills and littering the oceans. By only providing plastic straws when requested, we can significantly reduce the disposal of single-use plastic.

Such a simple action will not only save on overheads, it will have incredibly positive and far-reaching effects on our planet.

If you need more info or have any questions, please contact