Your Input is Needed Now for New High School Location by Tuesday (10/30)

As many of you know, the town is performing a feasibility study concerning the new high school building. The study process is governed by the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA), which requires an evaluation of possible alternative sites if a new building may be constructed. The MSBA deadlines are often fast and firm.

The project’s architect has put together a list of possible sites for the town to consider (see attached), and gave a presentation to the Standing Building Committee this week:

Note: please keep in mind the town does not actually own all of these sites, so the acquisition cost and timing might make the use of an alternative site completely impossible in order to stay within MSBA deadlines. Further, note that the existing site is the only one with the existing utility infrastructure.

The School Committee (of which I am a member), needs to respond to the architect’s and building committee’s request for input regarding high school building site(s) very soon.

I am not an urban planner or an energy expert, but my guess is there are people here who might have insight on what an alternative location would mean for sustainability purposes.

Questions to consider:

What is the carbon footprint differential to building in a new location, which would require new infrastructure? How would it be increased or offset by alternative traffic patterns?

I (and the rest of the school committee) will be sending our thoughts to the superintendent very soon, and I think the building committee is expected to take a vote on November 6th. I’d appreciate your thoughts by Tuesday (10/30) so there is enough time for the administration to synthesize input from various sources. I can be reached at

Best regards,

Heather Zelevinsky,

P.S. For anyone unfamiliar with the project, here is background information: