Sign-Up Today Residential Curbside Composting Pilot Program!

What is it?
The Residential Curbside Composting program is the opportunity for Sharon residents to participate in a curbside pick-up, low-cost, low-maintenance composting program from their home. The program is managed by Black Earth Compost with local assistance from Sustainable Sharon Coalition and the Sharon Public Schools Recycling Program.

This program will allow families to divert their compostable waste from the trash and turn it into usable, beautiful fertilizer.

Cost: The cost goes down as more people sign up.

Note that for EVERY household enrolled, the Sharon SCHOOLS get a $10 DISCOUNT on their composting!

The cost for each household:
40 households enrolled: $99 for 6 months + cost of tote ($24 one time fee); $400 discount for the schools
300 households enrolled: $59 for 6 months + cost of tote ($24 one time fee); $3,000 discount for the schools

How do I enroll?
Learn more and sign up directly at Black Earth Compost:

Read about the Residential Composting System Below
From the Black Earth Website:
1. We provide a 13-gallon bin with locking lid and wheels for $24. The bin will be delivered to your household when you sign up for service. For an additional $10 we will include compostable bag liners for the curbside bin and smaller bags for kitchen
countertop containers.
2. Line your bin. This is required to ensure the bins can be fully emptied. The drier the contents in the bin, the easier the bins empty, especially in winter and summer, and the less odor and flies. A double lined paper grocery bag works great or you can
purchase compostable bag liners. We sell compostable bag liners for outdoor bins and countertop containers that we will drop off at your residence during pick up through our website store.
3. Fill up your bin. We accept all foods including meat, bones, dairy, shells, and all certified compostable service ware. No waxed cardboard, milk cartons, soda cups, dryer lint, or cleaning chemicals on paper towels.
4. Put your bin out for pick up once a week. Please make sure your bin is on the sidewalk, and not blocked by obstacles like other garbage bins, trees, etc. If you don’t have your bin out by the time the truck goes by, feel free to put two bins out
the following week.
5. Smile. You most likely will not have to put your regular trash out as often, you are making good use of your food scraps, helping the environment, and it’s fun.
6. Receive finished compost in spring. Your hard work comes full circle. Replenish your own soil with community-sourced compost rich in humus, micro-organisms, and an abundance of immediate and slow release nutrients.

WE ACCEPT organic material, including:
Dairy Products
Meats and Bones
Coffee Grounds, Filters and Tea bags
Seafood and Shells
Fruit and Vegetables
Paper Napkins and Towels
Anything designed to be compostable

*We DO NOT accept waxed cardboard, milk cartons, paper cups or similar items not
certified compostable.
*We DO NOT accept Yard Waste, including grass clippings. Inquire with your town
for their yard waste services.
*We take contamination seriously. Bins will not be picked up if contamination is a
problem. We can work together to adjust your composting system to eliminate