Sharon Public Schools Recycling Coordinator Job Description

Under the supervision of the Sharon Public Schools Director of Maintenance and Operations, the part-time Sharon School District Recycling Coordinator (RC) will be responsible for supporting and coordinating the recycling program of the five schools in the Sharon Public School District.

The goal of the coordinator is to improve rates of cardboard and single stream recycling and also reduce overall waste generation using clear structures, engaging education, and strong monitoring. To do this, the RC builds relationships with all of these groups: administration, custodial staff, students, parents, teachers, service providers/vendors, DEP/other recycling coordinators, and community groups.

Specifically the Coordinator will be responsible for:
1. Serving as the main point of contact regarding recycling with custodians, principals, teachers and staff
2. Communicating, outreaching and providing technical assistance to schools and administrative departments to improve or expand recycling efforts.
3. Providing assistance to schools in development and execution of new recycling and educational programs. This may include assemblies, presentations and/or recycling events to improve programs and participation such as such as locker “green-out”, waste reduction competitions, video/poster contests and training for key stakeholders.
4. Updating signage and acquiring recycling equipment and supplies.
5. Establishing Recycling Committee(s) (consisting of students, staff, teachers, custodians, and parent volunteers/PTSO liaisons) that can provide ongoing support to each (all) schools and establish a culture of environmental stewardship, wise material use, and effective recycling in all schools. Over time, this will allow the district to create new leaders and sustain this effort.
6. Tracking progress and communicating the success of the program to school administration, school and parent groups, community groups, and town officials about program successes and benefits of waste reduction, recycling, and composting
7. Coordinating with Board of Health and trash and recycling vendor to meet service needs while minimizing expense to the town.
8. Keeping up to date on industry issues and supporting other sustainability initiatives district-wide.

The position is currently funded through the 2018/19 school year with anticipated funding for future school years.

The position is part time approximately 12 hours/week during the academic year and 50 hours (total) over summer.

Job Requirements
Successful candidates will have a passion for recycling and specifically, an interest in working with young people to teach concepts of conservation and recycling.

Candidates are required to have:
• At least an associate (undergraduate) degree, ideally in a field related to environmental studies, economics, engineering, education or college coursework in related fields;
• Experience working with children and adults;
• Some understanding of the recycling and solid waste industry;
• Strong skills in project management and problem-solving;
• Experience leading team and working with a variety of stakeholders;
• Excellent written and verbal proficiency in English;
• Ability to work independently and prioritize projects;
• Ability to lift and move recycling equipment, up to 35 lbs.;
• A valid drivers license and regular access to a car;
• A proficiency with computers and computer processing software; especially Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel (for presentations and data collection across schools);
• CORI background check and fingerprinting with approval by School Central Administration required prior to employment per M.G.L.

To apply, email or