Which size trash cart is right for your household?

If your household generally uses three (or less) 13-gallon tall-kitchen trash bags per week, then
35-gallons is your trash cart of choice. It’s a great deal and will work well for the vast majority
of households. Additionally, it qualifies for a MassDEP SMART grant program.

Here are some key points to consider:

● The 35-gallon trash cart is the only size for which we would pay less than we do now
while increasing to weekly recycling pickup.

● Only the 35-gallon trash cart comes with 10-FREE overflow bags. That’s a $24 value.
Plus, overflow bags are LARGE (33-gallons each).

● Recycling will be picked up weekly, so there’s no need to waste trash cart space with

● Communities with 35-gallon trash carts average 10 overflow bags/year/household.
Sharon residents that choose the 35-gallon size could use 28 overflow bags/year and still
pay less than the 65-gallon trash cart!

● MassDEP grant funds are awarded to Sharon based on the number of households that select the
35-gallon trash cart ($30/household). The more households that choose the 35-gallon cart, the
more money received (e.g., if 3,000 households choose it, the town will receive $90,000 in grant

● Sharon will become a MassDEP SMART town if over 50% of households choose the 35-
gallon cart, making us eligible for additional grant funds.

● Are you concerned about animals getting in your overflow bags? Here’s an idea: save your old
trash barrel to use for overflow bags.

Above all, there is no value in trash.

Our trash goes to an incinerator and we pay a premium to burn it, creating large amounts of
carbon dioxide emissions and hazardous soot. In the best interest of our wallets and health, we
must divert and recycle as much out of trash as we can.

This is our opportunity, our money, our health, our town, our planet. Make an impact. Choose
the 35-gallon trash cart and make Sharon an official MassDEP SMART town.

For more trash and recycling information, visit:

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