News Update from Sustainable Sharon Coalition: Trash Collection Program Bids Are In

35 gallon cart

The clear winner is the 35-gallon trash cart! Sustainable Sharon’s goal was always to promote a program that would Save Money And Reduce Trash (SMART). We are pleased that Sharon went out to bid, and we are excited to report that the 35-gallon trash cart option indeed saves money. Plus, there are reasonable options for expanding recycling opportunities.

See for facts and fictions.

  • At the December 5th Board of Selectmen’s meeting, Selectmen McGrath and Roach both spoke in favor of adopting a 35-gallon SMART cart program.
  • Town Administrator, Fred Turkington, will be presenting more comprehensive numbers in the coming days to show what residents would pay after factoring in disposal costs.
  • There is still talk by town officials about expanding recycling options, e.g., cardboard drop off, extra recycling cart, weekly recycling.
  • The Selectmen are likely to vote at their December 19th Board of Selectmen’s meeting.

We are excited with the direction the program is taking.

Your voice will make a difference!

Please call AND email the Selectmen before December 19th. Let them know you’re in favor of the 35-gallon SMART trash cart program with the option of a second 35-gallon cart and leave your name/address.

Joe Roach is 781-784-8364. Bill Heitin and JJ McGrath are 781-784-1500 x1208