An Important Message About Sharon’s Trash Program

To all Sharon Residents,

There is a lot of misinformation swirling around on social media about the proposed new trash/recycling contract and we want to take a moment to set the record straight.

As many of you know, the contract for residential trash and recycling pickup in Sharon is up for renewal in January. The new contract is decided upon by the Selectmen with a recommendation by the Town Administrator.  Decisions are typically based on services requested and cost proposals received through a competitive process.

When we learned that Sharon’s trash/recycling contract was up for renewal, we formed a “trash” committee to research best practices. We introduced an alternative proposal for a 35 gallon SMART (Save Money And Reduce Trash) program with weekly recycling.  SMART programs are successfully in place in many Massachusetts towns:

While we stand behind our trash and recycling proposal, it is ultimately up to the Selectmen and Town Administrator to make the decision. They need to seek bids that will result in the best package (considering both service and cost) for the town. Fortunately, they still have six months to execute a new contract.

Officials have said that going forward, they will allow residents to get an additional recycling cart at no extra cost, if pick-up remains every two weeks. However we still believe that weekly recycling would be a better option, especially if demand is very high for the second recycling cart.

We are grateful to the town officials for looking into ways to best serve the community and the environment. The next Selectmen’s meeting is June 20th and we hope to hear more specifics on where negotiations stand.

The SSC trash committee will continue to help Sharon move toward a more sustainable and cost-effective trash/recycling program.

Dr. Ricky Stern, SSC President
Dr. Cheryl Schnitzer, SSC Vice President