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Goals of the SMART Program (Save Money and Reduce Trash):

  • Reduce waste and increase reuse & recycling
  • Provide affordable solid waste services
  • Implement a more equitable system

Sharon FYI video explaining the SMART Trash Program

Video of the recent town forum on SMART Trash Program
Watch video explaining the SMART Trash Program.

A few facts about Sharon’s trash:

  • Residents generated 1,878 lbs. of trash per household in 2013.  That’s more than 36 lbs. of trash per week, every week.
  • Sharon’s trash is burned at an incinerator  in West Wareham, MA hence we are adding to air pollutants and climate change.  Ironically, the discarded trash from our homes is still filled with materials that can be recycled or composted.
  • For every ton of waste we create, we are really using 70 more tons  of upstream waste from mining, manufacturing, and distribution.  This is not sustainable.
  • As households, we pay high costs for our poor waste management: ~$70 for every ton of trash burned, along with collection costs.
  • We also pay high environmental costs since we are wasting non-renewable natural resources.

Let’s do the MATH……

  • Fascinating Fact:  In Sharon all residents pay the same per household price for service, regardless of the amount of waste generated. So what do others do?  140 towns in Massachusetts play it SMART – Save Money and Reduce Trash!

    • SMART = Pay for what you use. Conserve more. Reduce our waste across Town.
    • SMART communities like Milton and North Attleboro generate 40% less trash per household compared with Sharon.  They have programs designed to incentivize trash reduction.

If you’re interested in having the Town of Sharon adopt a SMART Program, like 140+ other towns in MA, please click on this ipetition link:

For more information, contact Cheryl Schnitzer at 508-963-8712 or and/or Kathi Mirza at 781-­784-0671 or

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