Improving Energy Efficiency

HomeWorks EnergyWe are excited to announce a new partnership with HomeWorks Energy, to encourage residents to save energy in their homes through the Mass Save® Program.

Signup for a free home energy assessment here.

The professionals at HomeWorks Energy will perform a detailed analysis of your home’s energy use and make recommendations based on the money that you can save.  Not only that, they will install various no-cost extras such as free LED lights, water efficient shower heads and programmable thermostats.  (some exclusions).   Because HomeWorks Energy administers the Mass Save incentives they can offer generous rebates on most of the work that they perform.

Mass SaveMass Save is an initiative sponsored by Massachusetts’ gas and electric utilities and energy efficiency service providers. The sponsors of Mass Save work closely with the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources to provide a wide range of services, incentives, trainings, and information promoting energy efficiency that help residents and businesses manage energy use and related costs.

The first step in saving energy in your home is to signup for a free home energy assessment.

Sustainable Sharon Coalition will get a small donation for every energy assessment that we generate.  To have your donation go to another group, sign up under

Sharon Saves

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