Trash and Recycling Forum – Nov. 2 at 7pm, Sharon Community Center

Post Forum Update:  For those who missed a great discussion on the SMART Trash, you can watch the forum online here.
Thank you to all attendees!

Please join us on for a public meeting with the Sharon Board of Selectmen to learn how we can reduce trash and expand recycling opportunities in our town.

Our curbside collection contract expires in 2017 and this is your opportunity to learn about options being considered by the Town and to voice your feedback on a proposal offered by Sustainable Sharon Coalition designed to reduce waste and control program costs!

Even if you have already attended our talk, it’s very important that you come to this forum to voice your support to town officials!

You will have an opportunity to provide feedback directly to our Selectmen, as they decide what type of trash collection program we will have when our curbside contract expires next year.

Let’s modernize our collection system so that Sharon becomes a leader in waste reduction and a model for others to follow. For our town, our children, and our environment…


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