Climate Change Resolution – Sharon Town Meeting, May 5, 2014

Climate Change Resolution – Sharon Town Meeting, May 5, 2014

Sharon Town Meeting recognizes that greenhouse gas emissions generated by fossil fuels have already set climate change in motion, and that arresting these changes will require actions at every level of society, including federal, state, local and individual, to:

 • become more water and energy-efficient in our homes, businesses, schools and town facilities.

 • incorporate water and energy-efficiency into all new buildings and developments.

 • adopt clean, renewable energy sources such as wind and solar.

Sharon Town Meeting hereby encourages every elected and appointed town official to promote measures that conserve vital water and energy resources, and minimize carbon emissions.

This proposed Town Meeting resolution (Climate Change Resolution) is non-binding, and merely encourages town officials to prioritize energy efficiency and clean energy. However, this approach can be effective. For example, in the wake of the March 2007 Town Meeting vote on the Sharon Commons mall, when only one side was heard before voting, a resolution was passed encouraging the Town Moderator to hear both sides of every issue before allowing a question to be called. Since then, the Town Moderator has always allowed both sides to speak before entertaining a motion to call a question.

We elect our town officials to serve our best interests, and we should trust them to do that. However, business as usual will lead to a climate catastrophe. I hope you will support this resolution at Town Meeting on May 5, 2014 as a way to focus attention on what we as a community can do to help create a safer, more sustainable future for our children, and set a good example for other communities.

For more information on the climate change resolution, Click here

Paul Lauenstein, Sharon Resident and Sustainable Sharon Coalition Board Member