Outdoor Water Restrictions

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Sharon Implements a Water Restriction Every Year from May 1–Oct. 1

The Town of Sharon is proactive in protecting its local water supply from excessive withdrawal during the growing season, when water demand is high and precipitation is often unreliable.  The priority for the Town is to provide enough water for the health and safety of its residents.

Lawn sprinklers, either underground or hose fed, must adhere to the following schedule:

  • Odd numbered homes:  Mon. & Thurs.–6PM TO 8PM ONLY
  • Even numbered homes:  Tues. & Fri.–6PM TO 8PM ONLY
  • Residents may use one hand held hose, fitted with a spray nozzle, without restriction
  • No lawn sprinklers, either underground or hose fed, may be used on the weekends

Exemptions to this policy may be granted for newly  installed lawns for up to 14 days. Violators will be cited and subject to a surcharge on their next water bill.  Violations will carry forward for three years.

1st offense – Warning
2nd offense – $50.00
3rd offense – $100.00
4th offense and subsequent offenses – $300.00

To request an exemption, to report water violations, or for any questions, call the Water Department: 781-784-1525 x2315


You can find out whether Sharon is experiencing a drought, and how severe it is, by visiting the U.S. Drought Monitor website.

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