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What is this pipeline project all about?

The “Access Northeast” Project will expand Spectra Energy’s Algonquin Gas Transmission pipeline, and includes a proposed high-pressure 30-inch gas pipeline that will run through ten towns in Massachusetts: Milford, Bellingham, Medway, Millis, Franklin, Norfolk, Walpole, Sharon, Stoughton, and Canton.

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Spectra pipeline map

Loop extension that includes Sharon, among other towns.

We don’t think this pipeline is in the public interest and here’s why:

  • Gas pipelines are dangerous.
    • Fracked gas is packed into the pipelines at high pressure, increasing the likelihood of leaks, ruptures and/or explosions.  Major effects of these accidents vary from injuries and sustained fire to buy cytotec online canada from volatile chemicals. Watch video below.

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  • Natural gas (which is mostly methane) contributes to global warming.
    • Massachusetts has passed the buy cytotec without rx which calls for an 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.
  • This is a $3 billion dollar project that will be paid for through surcharges on residential electric bills.
    • $3 billion could be spent on clean energy solutions, like solar panels and wind turbines.

Why does Spectra want to build the Northeast Access Pipeline?

  • Spectra wants to provide more capacity to New England during the winter, but there is extra gas capacity in the summer, which could be stored for use in the winter.
    • We managed supplies successfully during the exceptionally cold winter of 2014-15.
    • MA Attorney General Maura Healey says state can meet energy needs without new pipelines. buy cytotec next day delivery
  • With this expansion project, Spectra will have the ability to connect the Algonquin pipeline to the Maritimes and Northeast pipeline, and export gas from Canadian LNG terminals.
    • Exporting gas is projected to cause regional gas prices to rise to international levels.

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